The top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee acknowledged Tuesday she can't guarantee the woman accusing Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault will show up to testify at a looming hearing, as her attorneys raise concerns about the format.

Christine Blasey Ford's attorney Michael Bromwich specifically complained about Republicans hiring outside counsel to question his client during the public hearing set for Thursday morning. In a late Monday letter to the committee, Bromwich requested the prosecutor's resume "immediately" and asked to meet with the lawyer.

Senior Political Analyst for Fox News Channel Brit Hume joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to discuss latest allegations against Judge Kavnaugh and his interview on The Story with Martha MacCallum. 

On where the Brett Kavanaugh nomination stands: I think it's still up in the air because we don't know, as of at least late this afternoon, Dianne Feinstein was saying she didn't have any idea whether this witness, Dr. Ford, was going to come and actually testify. There is still objections on her side as to the way the committee has set the hearing up. So, who knows? Then the question becomes if she doesn't come to testify what affect does that have on the wavering Republicans whose votes will decide this.  (00:34)

On this being about abortion: I think when you trace this back when you boil it all down you have to ask this question, if Brett Kavanaugh had signaled through a law review article or a speech somewhere along the line that he was a firm supporter of the Supreme Court ruling of Roe v. Wade would we have any of this? And I think the answer is unmistakably, we would not. When you boil it all down this is about abortion.  (4:35)

On the second accusation deciding not to testify: The New Yorker's decision to publish the story was shameful. They didn't have the story. They didn't have it nailed down. They couldn't really confirm that he was there and this was a recollection that was recovered after being somehow forgotten for the longest time after 6 days of discussion with a lawyer. I just think it was so flimsy you shouldn't go with it. It is not surprising to me that this reported victim does not want to testify and if she doesn't testify there is really no where this can go. (6:11)

On this being the year of the women: I think the Republican party has an issue that has to do with women. There's a sense about the party that it's a party of old white men.  That may not be fair, but I think that perception is out there and Democrats are doing everything they can to enhance that.  (11:43)

On the protesters forcing Ted Cruz out of a restaurant: It's a further example of how poisonous our politics have become. It is a very bad sign. I think in a political matter, just in near term, it probably helps people like Senator Cruz. (13:30)