Judge Andrew Napolitano joins "The Ashley Webster Experience" to discuss President Trump's support for voter ID to stop election fraud and opens up about his personal life.

Since the 2016 Presidential Election, President Trump has insisted that something must be done to stop election voter fraud.  But Judge Napolitano opposes the idea of carrying government papers to prove identity and status.

Judge Napolitano says, "The idea of carrying government papers and showing them to engage in a fundamental liberty, to me, is a very very dangerous, slippery slope."

He adds that the bad guys will always stay one step ahead of the government and if carrying government issued papers were required, fake papers will be created anyway.  He does not want to see more government regulation and control on voting.

He discusses how his personal and professional lives have been affected by working for Fox News and being friends with President Trump.  He also discusses losing his professorship for comments made on Fox News' "Fox & Friends".

He concludes the episode by opening up about the recent death of his father, Andrew Alexander Napolitano, a man who was very influential on his life and philosophy.