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September 24th, 2018 - On the Todd Starnes Show:

Hour 1

A new accuser steps forward and Democrats are calling for another stall in the confirmation process for Judge Kavanaugh. Todd asked listeners to call their Senators and report back and the phone lines were buzzing! Listen here to Todd's conversation with New Jersey caller Sandy - who had a less than pleasant experience with Senator Booker's office.

"He took my message - then he laughed at me - and said thank you."



Hour 2

After days of negotiating and extended deadlines Judge Brett Kavanaugh's accuser Christine Blasey Ford will testify on Thursday but - will this be derailed by a second accuser? Deborah Ramirez, attended Yale with the judge, and now says that he also engaged in sexual misconduct with her in the early 1980s. Todd and RNC Spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany discussed the latest accuser. TWITTER: @ kayleighmcenany