September 21st, 2018 - On the Todd Starnes Show:


Hour 1 Conservatives unite at the Values Voter Summit. Todd gives a preview of this year's event and talks with guest, Tony Perkins, about President Trump's relationship with Evangelicals... listen here. Tony Perkins - President of the Family Research Council TWITTER: @tperkins



"I think that's behind a lot of these attacks behind Judge Kavanaugh - and people are very concerned about the direction of the Supreme Court" Starnes said.


Hour 2 Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford will testify but - on her Own terms. Todd asked listeners to weigh-in, and the phone lines lit up! Listen here to Todd's conversation with callers Matthew and Michael...

"I was by myself at some point during the night and I got attacked by this girl who I wasn't attracted to at all - I had to push her off of me," said listener Matthew.


Hour 3 "Boys Will Be Boys" This common phrase is coming under fire - but is it a necessary change of the times - or just an overreaction in the age of the #MeToo movement? Todd talks with guest, Penny Young Nance - listen here. Penny Young Nance - CEO and President of Concerned Women for America TWITTER: @PYNance

"The question is what is the standard - right - I mean I want to believe that women are always morally superior but after the Duke Lacrosse case, UVA, and you know others throughout history - we know there has to be a standard - and so the question is - what is the standard?" Nance commented.


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