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Chris Wallace joins Fox News Radio's Guy Benson to discuss his upcoming guests on Fox News Sunday as well as some of the bigger news of the week.

On where does the Rosenstein story rank compared to Kavanaugh: As we are talking, it's Friday evening, things could change dramatically by Sunday morning. I suspect by Sunday we will know if and when we will have this spectacle of the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing from both the accuser Professor Christine Ford and Judge Kavanaugh. My guess is that will be our lead on Sunday, but if that's 1. Rosenstein story will be 1A. (2:35)

On The Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill comparisons: Anita Hill's case was a lot stronger against Clarence Thomas than Christine Ford's is only because of the fact that 1) it had happened much more recently 2) She had complained about it contemporaneously to some of her colleagues. 3) It happened in the workplace. The other case happened (if the allegation did happen) 35-36 years ago when teenagers were drinking and she didn't report it contemporaneously and it wasn't in the workplace. Not to say it's not a troubling story, it certainly is. I just don't think it has alot of the strength of the Anita Hill story. The flip side of it though if the story isn't as strong the times are certainly very much so to Christine Ford's advantage. We are in the me too movement. (6:10)

On the framing from the left that the burden is on Kavanaugh: I find that astonishing. I find it astonishing that you got some Senators said they believe her. They haven't seen her, haven't met her, haven't heard how she presents herself. Here is a guy who led an exemplary life how many years and now at the the 13th hour this argument is being made and the burden of proof is supposed to be on him. I find that very difficult to cover. (8:06)