Marc Lotter, former Press Secretary to the Vice President and former Special Assistant to the President, joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to talk about the allegations against Judge Kavanaugh and more. 

On where everything stands with the Kavanaugh allegation: I think much of it is going to depend on Dr. Ford and whether she comes forward and whether she agrees to testify on Monday, whether that is in public, private, with senators, with staff or how that unfolds. We're about half a week, maybe almost a week, into the original rumor before it all started to become public with the names and everything and yet we still have no one saying they can corroborate this story other than with Dr. Ford's memory and Dr. Ford's statement and so I think that's telling that if something happened to Dr. Ford, clearly it seems that something did, but whether it was Brett Kavanaugh. You also have Mark Judge who has denied it. you have this third person who was named by Dr. Ford, PJ I think was the name, and he says he has no memory of it. (3:19)

On Judge Kavanaugh having to prove a negative: Remember that when the FBI looked into the investigations from Anita Hill back with Clarence Thomas they found those allegations to be unfounded and yet we are now how many decades later and people still think that when they think about Justice Clarence Thomas. He did get on the supreme court but it did not clear his name.  There are some people out there that say we need this investigation to clear Judge Kavanaugh's name. These allegations never go away even if they are unfounded or untrue and we don't know in this situation. (5:33)

On the anonymous New York Times op-ed: To my knowledge there as not been anything done in terms at the staff level. Now, does that not mean there are national security people looking into this if there is a national security element to it? Because that is something that is very concerning.  (11:30)