Senior Political Analyst For Fox News Channel Brit Hume joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to discuss the hearing scheduled for Monday for Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Ford to testify. 

On how the hearing on Monday might play out: If she comes and testifies and her testimony is along the lines of what we know, and of course it may go well beyond that, but based on what we know she will make this allegation. She will say as she's said in the past she doesn't remember exactly where this part was or exactly when it was, but she will make the allegation. He will emphatically deny that anything like that ever happened. The outlook would be like he said, she said, standoff.  (00:32)

On this being a lose lose situation for Kavanaugh: What's clear is there's really no way, as you suggested, that he could establish his innocence. In fact, John McCormick of the Weekly Standard was talking to Democratic senators on the hill today asking them things like: Well how can you envision how he can ever salvage his innocence? And they really didn't have an answer.  (3:30)

On sexual assault allegations being weaponized after this: I would be worried about this allegation if there were a sign of pattern of behavior on his part that suggested that this who he is, that kind of reckless attack on a young woman, which obviously we don't know if it even happened, that there was a pattern in his life that suggested this was the type of man we were going to get on the court. That would be a quite serious matter. One that would concern any reasonable person. We don't really have that here. (5:27)

On people saying we need to automatically believe Ford: That's certainly what the standard looks like to me. Of course we've had cases along these lines before and we have a tradition in this country that you are innocent until proven guilty. Now, that doesn't mean you're going to be innocent in the court of public opinion.  When the Senate is adjudicating a matter like this you would think that standard would apply and hold. (9:27)