Fox News Senior Producer Chad Pergram joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to talk about the mood on Capitol Hill following the allegations against Judge Kavanaugh. 

On where lawmakers are on the hearing planned for Monday: It's very much up in the air. We are hearing, so far, there's nothing from counsel to Christine Ford even replying to the Judiciary Committee request. John Cornyn, the Republican whip in the Senate and also a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, indicated that there would be no reason going forward to just have Brett Kavanaugh come in on Monday if Christine Ford is not willing to come forth.  (00:22)

On talk of a closed hearing: That was an offer that was made by Republicans on the Judiciary Committee to have either an open hearing or a closed door Senate. Now, there are some who that think that's not appropriate because then you don't really know what was said and it's not written in stone somewhere that the transcript is released by the committee and when that would be. (3:07)

On Senator Blumenthal saying Kavanaugh should withdraw: It's no one new in that sense. You've had a lot of people who have come out against him and had said variations of this, especially those who were full on opponents of Kavanaugh some weeks ago saying different versions of that. Blumenthal was asked that direct question at a press conference that I attended and that's the only time I've heard that said in this period. (8:12)