Former Utah Congressman and Fox News Contributor Jason Chaffetz joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to discuss his new book, "The Deep State: How an Army of Bureaucrats Protected Barack Obama And Is Working To Destroy the Trump Agenda."

On his new book: I spent 8 and a half years in Congress. I took about 8 and a half to 9 months to write it.  It's on sale tomorrow at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and all the other usual suspects. When I went to Congress I didn't really know what the Deep State was or if it was real or not real, but I left knowing that it is very real. It's something that is out in the open. It's not some tinfoil person whose off in the corner with some weird dials trying to do things. It is a abrasion approach that many federal bureaucrats do to wait out administrations. (00:39)

On Trump supporters who use 'Deep State' in conspiratorial way: That's why I go in great lengths to say right in the opening, the preface,  being able to say look if you don't know what it is, if you're not sure about it, if you have questions about it this is the perfect book. That's why you want to understand it and I'm trying to put some definition to it because it has been used and wildly thrown around.  But, it is also very real and it is very damaging.  (2:35)

On if there are any stories of where he felt like the bureaucracy was doing well: I think that most people who work for the government are good hard-working decent patriotic people. I said that multiple times in hearings and I go out of my way to say it's the good people who are being harmed by this Deep State and this Deep State mentality, which seems to prevail.  (4:40)

On John Kerry talking to Iran: Look, the former members of an administration or former members of Congress regularly speak with former leaders, but there is a difference if you're trying to subvert the current administration. There are rules and there are laws on the books. I do think it's worthy that somebody at the Department of Justice should interview Kerry on what he did and did not do. (7:55)

On a time the Deep State did something right: Well, that's what we're highlighting here. The fact that most people who work at the IRS are good decent people, but when they targeted Americans based on their political beliefs. The Deep State doesn't do things right.  (13:31)