The National Republican Congressional Committee released two ads Wednesday that are facing backlash. In Michigan, the NRCC ad shows John McCain criticizing Elissa Slotkin, while she was testifying before a Senate committee in 2014.  Rick Davis, a family friend and former top adviser to the late Senator McCain told POLITICO, "The family is disappointed that John's image is being weaponized this election cycle so soon after his passing, and they had hoped there would be a more appropriate amount of time for people to think about his final message before they began to politicize him."

Another NRCC ad attacks Antonio Delgado, the Democratic candidate for New York's 19th Congressional District, for his past as a rapper.  The video titled 'Who I am' splices together clips from Delgado's campaign videos with one of his old music videos.

Fox News Radio's Marie Harf gives her take on the controversial ads. 

The national Republicans are scared. The RNC is scared they're going to lose these seats, and they're increasingly turning to really nasty tactics...We've just talked so much recently about making politics better. The time that thought is tested is when you're in a tough race. It's really easy to say that when you're running unopposed or when you think you're going to keep the majority and you don't think you're going to have a tough race. It's really easy to say 'I'm not going to run a nasty dirty campaign, and I'm going to keep it focused on the issues.' It's really easy to say when you're not in a toss-up race. Where you see the real character of some of these candidates and the campaigns they've chosen to run is when it gets tough, when it's a toss-up, when you're scared you're going to lose your job -- that's when you see what these candidates are really about. These candidates are staying positive -- Elissa, Antonio. These are representatives of the new Democratic Party that I keep telling you all about. I'm telling you it's out there. They've served their country. They want to be compromisers. They want to bring people together. They have strong values. And we can not let this kind of divisive politics take away from that because we're better than this.