Fox News Politics Editor Chris Stirewalt joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson to talk about his new book "Every Man A King: A Short, Colorful History of American Populists." 

On Ross Perot's effect on Trump: Donald Trump ran in Ross Perot's party in 2000 for president. His first presidential run was in the reform party and interestingly her ran against Pat Buchanan who he said was a Nazi. Donald Trump is an heir to Ross Perot. He is an heir to that movement. I have a strong belief that the events of 9/11 didn't alter American political history as much they pressed pause on American political history.  The passions and tendencies that Perot and Buchanan bad both wrought had carried forward and they never went away. (1:37)

On healthy populism: The Constitution is nice. I like it. It's lovely. It smells like cinnamon. I'll put it this way. George Wallace ran for governor of Alabama the first time as an old-fashioned progressive populist. Share the wealth, socialistic ideas, healthcare for all, good schools, good roads, the kinds of things that Huey Long and the kinds of things that William Jennings Bryant has talked about that progressive populists had been talking about since the 19th century and he got crushed. He got crushed by a bigot. So, he embraced bigotry and he had been seen as a moderate on race in Alabama at his time. He reinvented himself as a race hustler and a divisive demagogue on the issue of race. (4:02)

On Trump taking notes from Buchanan and Perot: Buchanan ripped off Wallace. When Buchanan was advising Nixon in 1968 it was the silent majority and that energy. He basically said we can appeal to those same fears and the same angers. We can just do it in a more subtle way and a more effective way.  So Buchanan steals from Wallace and then Trump steals from Buchanan whether knowingly or not. (10:09)

On why you should buy his book: Two things. First, more important, it's an easily consumable bite-sized history. It's little nuggets. It's fun-sized little nuggets about these historical periods and these historical figures tied together lightly. If you aren't a history buff its accessible. If you are a history buff then it's fun essays to read and get my take on it. The biggest most important part is be of good cheer. If you want to be of good cheer, if you want to be happy, you want to be optimistic, understand we have burned this mother down before.  (12:37)