Former WH Press Secretary Ari Fleischer joins Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to remember his experience on September 11, 2001.  

On when he started going through his timeline of 9/11 on Twitter: It was actually an accident. I started about 6, 7, 8 years ago. I did it because I bought a new I-Phone and it was so easy to take a pictures with it and then to just tweet a picture. I wasn't really big on Twitter back then, but I have on my wall in my office several pictures of September 11th.  I just started to take pictures of these behind the scenes pictures on the 11th from my wall and I tweeted them. I started to notice there was a real reaction to what I was tweeting with these behind the scenes pictures of September 11th. So I just kept tweeting and got bigger and bigger reactions. It just showed me that next year I should organize my thoughts collect things put them in a folder get ready and show people what I went through on that day and that's what I did. (2:01)

On what President Bush was thinking when he sat for a few minutes after learning of the attack: I know why the President did that. He wanted to collect his thoughts. He thought that if he just bolted out of the chair upon hearing that it would have scared the nation and not to mention the second graders who were right in front of him. So he wanted to collect his thoughts. (4:13)

On the chaos of government communications on 9/11: Frankly, it's a lesson I take with me not only from the White House but in everything I do in life. It's that you can only make decisions based on certainty. (5:53)

On if there was an element of fear: But, there wasn't. Looking back on it it just amazes me, Marie. You've been in high positions in government. We all had a job to do and that's what you did. It was that simple. What amazes me from a human point of view was how unemotional everybody was. (10:21)

On the anger felt that day: Controlled anger is a great way to summarize what George Bush was going through and what he felt. He was resolute in saying to the Vice President and the Secretary of Defense on September 11th that we're at war, which sent a shudder through me.  (12:05)