Football legend Herschel Walker joins the podcast this week covering everything from his relationship with President Trump, to anthem protests, and to why SEC football is better than the NFL.

Walker opens up about his relationship with President Trump, dating back to when he played for Trump's football team, The New Jersey Generals, and when he worked for him on "The Apprentice".    Walker says President Trump is, "A great man", adding that he "treated me very well... he's not a racist."

Walker says President Trump is a good leader because he takes responsibility, but people won't give him "the opportunity to be the president".

Walker says he doesn't support anthem protests.

"It's sad to me that players would even think that there's something they should do", Walker said about anthem protests.

He adds that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell should have stopped the protests from the start by telling Colin Kaepernick to stop after his first protest.

Walker explored his playing career in some of the NFL's biggest markets, including Dallas, Philadelphia, and New York, but stayed true to his roots from his days playing at the University of Georgia saying SEC games are better than NFL games.