CBS announced on Sunday that now-former CEO Les Moonves was out and the network would pay millions to #MeToo charities, but a look at the fine print shows he's actually sticking around for a while, and CBS is footing the #MeToo bill.

According to an SEC filing, the high-powered Moonves will advise CBS for one year "in order to provide for a smooth transition of his duties." CBS will provide Moonves with "office services" and security for up to two years.

Host of FNC's "MediaBuzz" Howard Kurtz joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to give insight into the firing of now former CBS CEO Les Moonves.  

On The New Yorker piece about CBS Les Moonves: Message is don't mess with Ronan Farrow, the author of the New Yorker piece. This was a devastating piece, with all kinds of chilling graphic allegations. We all knew this was coming because of a precious New Yorker piece. Moonves was under investigation by CBS It wasn't entirely clear whether he could survive. This is the most powerful people to be toppled since the #MeToo movement.  (00:30)

On how Ronan Farrow prevents reporting false allegations: All Ronan Farrow needs to do is continue the meticulous reporting he has been doing.  In this last piece he has six women on the record. Yes, sometimes maybe people embellish mix things up maybe it happened a long time ago. I notice in many many instances he also interviews people who the alleged victims told at the time that these events occurred. He also presses them for a lot of details and he gives the people accused a chance to respond. He takes time. (2:20)

On the White House discrediting Bob Woodward's book; Bob Woodward is a Pulitzer prize winning journalist who has been writing highly detailed books about presidents of both parties since Richard Nixon.  Bob Woodward, and I've seen this firsthand, is a meticulous journalist who spends months and years on his books.  (7:14)