Sports Reporter for Fox News Headlines 24/7 Matt Napolitano joins Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to talk college football. 

On week two games to watch: The one to really watch is Georgia taking on South Carolina. The third ranked Bulldogs go up against the 24th ranked Gamecocks. South Carolina entered into the top 25 this week. They beat Coastal Carolina, pretty easy one in the opener. Look out for Deebo Samuel, wide receiver for Carolina, All-American.  (1:27)

On SCC: I think they could definitely break through with four of the top five. I'd say within the next couple of weeks. I think it definitely makes sense. Especially since Auburn had an incredible game going up against Washington. That was a tough game.  The SCC is really locking themselves in to be a force to be reckoned with this season. (3:03)

On Clemson v. Texas A&M: I think it's a good statement win for Clemson. I don't know if it would affect them too heavily in the playoff picture. In the long run I think it could help them stake their claim.  (6:02)

On Penn State and Michigan State this week: I think Penn State comes away with a victory against Pitt. I think it;'s going to be a hard fought battle, but I think they're going to be able to dust off what happened to them in that opener. As for Michigan State, that's the one I could foresee as an upset. (8:42)