President Trump calls The New York Times 'gutless' for publishing an anonymous op-ed reportedly from a senior administration official who claims individuals inside the White House are working to thwart the president.

White House Director Of Strategic Communications Mercedes Schlapp joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to discuss The New York Times op-ed. 

On narrative that Trump is isolated: I think the narrative is something than many on the liberal side and the media have been pushing since the day he won the election and surprised the word. I get to be with the President every day. I get to see him in action when he's making these incredibly important decisions and it's just so untrue how President Trump is being portrayed.  (1:45)

On her direct message to writer: I would tell this individual to resign. There are plenty of men and women out there who would come work for President Trump. I worked for two presidents. It's an honor to work for President Trump and this country.  (6:30)

On why we keep getting these reports: It's a recycled rehash. I think it was Secretary Mattis who called this the Washington brand of literature is what he called the Woodward book. I think it is a lot of the disgruntled employees. (7:51)

On how this affects moral: I think the focus for us is just that we're responding to a lot of the incoming on the issues. Obviously the piece when it came out it was important for us to respond. It was important for us to point out the fact that it was The New York Times who was pushing out this anonymous source op-ed. Obviously it feels like a concerted effort where they are against this presidency.  (10:22)