Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to discuss the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. 

On his assessment of the Kavanaugh hearing: I think Judge Kavanaugh is doing very well. I have heard a lot of it because in introducing Brett Kavanaugh I had to wait quite awhile because of the histrionics over there in the committee. They got behind and then a lot of it I've watched on t.v., as millions of Americans have.  I think he's doing a great job. He's got encyclopedic knowledge of the Constitution and case law and that's impressive, but he's also respectful. I said in my introduction he's got the humility to listen and I think that's important in a judge. I think he has conducted himself really well.  (00:41)

On Cory Booker releasing committee confidential documents: It concerned me a lot when I heard that this morning. I thought this is going to take away Congress' ability to provide effective oversight over not just administrations, but also private sector players, non-profits and so on and you wouldn't think a senator would want to take away Congress' right to do that. So that's one aspect of this that really concerned me.  (1:44)

On Kavanaugh's view on Roe v. Wade and women's health issues: I think two things. One, he has been very clear that he does think this is settled law and I think that's what matters. In other words, he might have said something else in another context and I don't know the specifics we would be talking about, but he was in essence representing a client I'm sure because he was representing the administration at that point.  It's an objective fact in which he has stated that some legal scholars do not consider it settled law. He does. (5:13)

On NY Times op-ed: I think it would have a lot more credibility if it was not anonymous. I think most people who look at this up here on the Hill and think is this really a senior administration official because who isn't? This person wasn't willing to put their name on it and as you saw today almost every senior official said it's not me. I don't know who it is.  (12:54)