Judge Brett Kavanaugh promised to serve as an independent justice if confirmed to the Supreme Court, as he sparred with Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday about his views and past work for former President George W. Bush.

Senate Democrats grilled Kavanaugh on abortion, guns and other issues Wednesday, getting down to substance after an opening day of partisan fireworks -- as protesters continued to disrupt his confirmation hearing and Senate leaders clashed over how late the hearing could go.

Fox News @ Night Anchor Shannon Bream joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to discuss day two of Kavanaugh hearings. 

On any surprises of Kavanaugh hearing: I don't think so. We knew what several of the lines of attack from the left would be today and we knew the rehabilitation that was coming from the right. So, I don't think anything has been a shocker. We thought maybe yesterday that the majority of the protesters would have gotten tired and would be done, but no.  (00:16)

On some notable lines of questioning: I think definitely we knew Senator Diane Feinstein, the ranking Democrat on the committee, was going to get into a couple of really tough issues with him. She started with guns which obviously has long been an issue that she has worked on. She talked about the assault weapons ban. She wanted to talk about one of his decisions ruling that a number of semi-automatic weapons, based on Supreme Court precedent, could not be fully banned not that couldn't be regulated.  She really wanted to go back and forth and press him on that.  They talked about Roe too.  (1:52)

On the issue of documents affecting Senators' votes: Certainly not affecting any in this room. I think everybody on the committee knows how they are voting and I would be shocked if it is anything other than a party line vote. I don't know that it has been persuasive to those who are out there, those red state Democrats that we're really watching. I think some of it has gotten a little bit too weedy. (6:03)