This new ad campaign is worth paying attention to, especially for gun owners who might otherwise be hesitant to consider the message. It could be significant for the gun debate moving forward, because the ads rely on the words of nonpartisan military leaders who can't be dismissed as "liberals who just don't understand gun culture." - Marie Harf

Retired Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling joined Fox News Radio's Marie Harf to discuss a new TV ad, he stars in,  that is designed to bridge cultural and political divides on the issue of gun safety.

On why he decided to get involved: Navy Captain Mark Kelly and former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords reached out to a bunch of military folks who they know are believers of the Second Amendment, which I am. All of us own weapons. We all have guns.  They thought it's time to have a civil conversation about this issue to find out what ways we, as former military folks, can persuade folks to really have that dialogue that we can ensure our rights but we also have to ensure the safety and security of the American public.  (1:42)

On the response he has gotten: We are all somewhat subjected to the echo chambers from both sides. Truthfully, there have been a lot of fellow service members and fellow citizens who are saying it's great you're speaking out because you are a voice of reason and someone who is trying to bring the dialogue to the next level, as oppose to just having one side or the other. (4:41)

On what policy they are calling for: None of us are policymakers. We are just concerned citizens who have seen the affects of weapons on the battlefield. (6:38)

On if this a moment where people can come together: You used the word 'could' this be a moment. I'd say it 'has' to be a moment to do this.  I now have five grandchildren. I know the conversations that are going on with our sons and their wives are not conversations we used to have when they were growing up.  They're talking about active shooter drills and safety in the classroom. This not something that small children should have to go through. This not only could be a moment. We must make it a moment.  (9:19)