The Catholic Church is reeling after a grand jury report in Pennsylvania found that possibly more than 1,000 children in six dioceses had been sexually abused by about 300 priests or higher ranking officials.

On top of that, the report said that bishops and other top church officials had tried to contain the public outcry and liability by covering up the crimes, which Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro claimed "went all the way to the Vatican."

Marc Thiessen , Fox News Contributor, Columnist at The Washington Post, and fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to discuss the Catholic Church abuse and cover-up. 

On his piece saying Pope Francis new about accusationsAll of a sudden an archbishop, the former Papal Nuncio to the United States, a very respected archbishop named Vigano, an Italian archbishop, came out with a testimony in which he explained that in fact Cardinal McCarrick had been secretly sanctioned by Pope Benedict after he had written several times to the Vatican asking for action to be taken to be taken on Cardinal McCarrick. He had been stripped of his priestly faculties in the sense that he was not supposed to have public mass or participate in public meetings or do any kind of public ministry.  And then Pope Francis lifted the restrictions on Cardinal McCarrick and made him a trusted advisor who was helping to select bishops in the United States. (1:32)

On Cardinal in Chicago saying Pope Francis has more important things to do and don't like him because he is Latino:  They don't get it. First of all, Pope Francis is not a Latino. He is an Italian who happened to be born in Argentina. Second of all, to suggest that there is racism involved in all of this is just so irresponsible. They can't hear themselves. They're so wrapped up in this corrupt culture of silence that they literally don't hear themselves.  (4:05)