Co-founder & President of RealClearPolitics Tom Bevan joined Fox News Radio's Marie Harf to talk midterms. 

On Trump's Bloomberg interview: He said he wasn't going to fire Sessions before the midterms. Number one, he shouldn't fire him before the midterms. That would be a disaster politically. It would be a whole round of terrible news coverage and you can just imagine trying to find a new nominee and have the Senate even consider that. In the next 70 days it wouldn't happen, but after the election it's a different story. I think the writing is on the wall for Jeff Sessions. (00:34)

On if there is something there beyond Russian investigation between Trump and Sessions: I think it  all stems from that. He thinks he shouldn't have recused himself.  He continues to tweet at Sessions, 'Why does Ohr still have a job?' 'Why was Pete Strzok still on the payroll for a year plus?' He thinks Sessions hasn't done his job and it contributes to this cloud that has been hanging over Trump. (1:57)

On Florida Governor race: This is another example the energy is with the progressive left. Andrew Gillum was polling in fourth place until recently. All the polls had it wrong. Shocking, but certainly indicative of where the energy in the part is. (3:58)

On Florida Senate race:This was a race we weren't really talking about a few months ago. Bill Nelson was considered safe, but he really has been struggling. He's behind in the polls to Rick Scott by about a point in a half. (5:30)

On whether Trump endorsements will help in general election:  He definitely was able to move the needle for Republican candidates in primaries. His record in special elections his record is more mixed. He went up to Pennsylvania didn't pull that off. He did the same in Alabama special Senate race.  So the question is how will he affect some of the races in the general election? I don't know the answer to that. He will be more helpful in some places than others. (10:22)