Greg Gutfeld, FNC host of The Greg Gutfeld Show and co-host of The Five, joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to talk about his brand new book, Gutfeld Monologues.  

On why people should buy this book: It's the only book where the writer takes his own stuff apart and shows you how he put it together and what was wrong with it. So, it's two books. You have 200 monologues in there, my favorite ones, but within each monologue are constant interruptions. It's me saying, 'That was a stupid joke.' 'That turned out wrong.' 'This turned out right.' 'This predicted this.' I don't know if there's a book that has ever done that.  (2:53)

On a big part of the book being him fact checking himself: I would say the first 20-30 pages of the book are about the 2016 election and how I allowed emotion to cloud my reasoning. I had to take a step back. I thought it was going to be called by 9 o'clock just like everybody else. I got to be honest about it. I totally thought Hillary was going to win.  I had accustomed myself to that fact.  (5:32)

On saying in the book that Trump talking about John McCain bothered him the most: During that period when that happened I was on The Five saying if he'd only just apologize for this I could get beyond that. So, how does one adjust your sensibilities with that doesn't happen? I realized that Trump was defining the context wherever he was going. He was turning everything into a celebrity roast.  (8:39)

On DeSantis 'monkey it up' comment: I find the whole accusation is absurd because he just spent a half a minute complimenting the guy talking about what a great candidate. Number one, he was complimenting the guy. Number two, he was using the word as a verb to describe the state not adopting socialist principles. You can't expect somebody to walk around with a list of words that may or may not be offensive.  (15:39)