Liz Peek, Fox News Contributor and Columnist, joins Ashley Webster this week to discuss American politics, the direction of the economy, and leading the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Peek discusses her transition from being one of the first female partners of a Wall Street firm, to covering politics and the economy for Fox News and Fox Business.  She expresses her optimism in President Trump and his policies, saying, "There is a reason...why in spite of all the controversy the country is more happy with the direction of the country than it's been in 12 years."

Looking ahead to mid-term elections in November, Peek thinks the House is a toss-up and fears what will happen if the GOP loses the house.  Despite the criticism, Peek says she "feels for Paul Ryan", acknowledging that the republican House has passed many bills that have gone on to die in the Senate.

Peek says President Trump has created the most exciting political time.  She says it will be HORRIBLE when we get another president who is politically correct and calm because we have been lucky to have one of the most charismatic and energetic presidents ever.

When she isn't covering politics and the economy, Peek is the chairwoman of the Board of Trustees at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT).  She says being around fashion and the arts gives her the perfect balance.