Flipped! Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen is striking a deal with federal prosecutors, Fox News has learned.  Sources say the talks have moved swiftly. The terms of the deal are not yet clear, but Cohen is scheduled to appear at a New York federal court hearing.The confirmation comes after it emerged earlier Tuesday that Cohen's legal team was in talks for a possible plea deal in the financial fraud investigation against him. Marie has the latest.

How's It Going? The new Monmouth University Poll found that only 30 percent of respondents believe that Trump has hired the "best people," with 58 percent saying he has not. Twelve percent of those polled responded either that the president's hiring record was mixed or that they didn't know about his hiring record. BUT what is even more alarming is 35% of Americans say things in the country are going in the right direction while 57% say they have gotten off on the wrong track.

Rick Leventhal, Senior Correspondent for the Fox News Channel, gives an update on Michael Cohen's plea deal. 

Jake Gibson, Fox News Washington DC Producer, gives an update on Manafort being found guilty on eight counts. 

Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax, elected Lieutenant Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, joins the show to discuss his role in the Democratic Lieutenant Governors Association. 

Associate Editor Of RealClearPolitics AB Stoddard gives her take on Manafort and Cohen. 

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