Lead Studio Host Big Ten Network David Revsine joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to discuss the upcoming college football season. 

On the Ohio State and Maryland controversies: In terms of the mood, we were at Ohio State when Urban Meyer was in the state he's in right now on this indefinite paid leave. So, I can gauge a little bit more than at Maryland because when we were in Maryland the suspension and nothing had come down yet on DJ Durkin. It actually happened about two hours after we left. This huge story broke.  So let's start with Ohio State and Urban Meyer.  What was strange Guy is that it was kind of business as usual that if you didn't know you wouldn't know. It was a very well run practice.  Ryan Day the acting head coach and it looked like a typical Ohio State practice, which is one that has very talented players on the field. (1:45) 

On Ohio State quarterbacks: I'd be really stunned if it's not Dwayne Haskins. Tate Martell is kind of in that mix.  I think he's a change of pace guy. He's very quick so you could bring him in.  (4:20)

On Clay Thorson's medical status: It's unclear at this point. It sounds like everything coming out there is very positive. They have some clips of him that they have sent out where he is participating in practice. (5:40)

On if Wisconsin is as good as people are saying: They are really good offensively.  They basically bring everybody back on offense. They've got six offensive lineman who started a game last year. All six of them are back. Three of them are preseason All-Americans. They have Jonathan Taylor a running back who is a front runner for the Heisman.  (9:38)

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