Commentary Writer for Washington Examiner Tom Rogan joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to talk news of the day. 

On former intelligence officials condemning Trump revoking John Brennan security clearance: I think you do see the president preferencing his personal interest in being able to push back again very aggressive criticism from John Brennan and others and trying to deter others through this first step against Brennan.  (1:33)

On how concerning it is that Trump is considering revoking Bruce Ohr's security clearance: I think that one is slightly less surprising than some of the others in the sense that it plays very obviously to the President's political advantage to try and pursue his strategy to try to identifying the Mueller investigation as a witch hunt. (3:19)

On the Labor Party in  the UK: I think there has been some marginal decline in the polling and Theresa May is under a lot of pressure with Brexit lots of internal friction. You would expect her to be way down in the polls and she sort of recovered that and put herself up a little bit.  (5:32)

On terrorist attack in UK and low scale attacks in general: In this case the lucky factor is that the individual panicked and managed to drive down a secure area and hit a control barrier so that stopped him. I had a piece out earlier this afternoon talking about the challenge of ISIS infiltrating the West, and we've seen refugee in the United States and there's another case I reference in my piece in Germany of this organized effort by ISIS to get people into the West. I think opportunity in the United States is that the FBI has a lot of resources and less suspects. In Europe there are many suspects. So inevitably people will slip through the cracks.  (8:44)

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