Hush Money? Omarosa releases a secret tape of Lara Trump offering her a $15K-a-month campaign job just days after she was fired from the White House. The former Apprentice contestant claims this was Trump's attempt to shut her up!

Coming Together!  Over 300 outlets pushed back against Donald Trump "war on fake news" by printing coordinated editorials defending the freedom of the press.  Guy and Marie debate what effect this will have.

Marriage Debate! Kellyanne Conway is at odds with her husband over his Twitter attacks on President Trump. Guy And Marie explain why they're fascinated by this story!

Washington Examiner Commentary Editor Tim Carney gives insight into the Catholic Church abuse scandal.

Director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics, author of Sabato's Crystal Ball and several best sellers including "The Kennedy Half Century" Dr. Larry Sabato joins the show to give insight into the midterm elections. 

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