Peter Strzok, the FBI Agent who disparaged President Trump in text messages exchanged during the 2016 campaign with a former FBI lawyer, Lisa Page, has been fired for violating bureau policy. Strzok had previously been removed from overseeing the Hillary Clinton email and Russia election meddling probes. President Trump tweeted about the firing, calling Strzok a "total fraud".

During a recent monologue, Todd Starnes was glad Strzok was finally fired, but wondered why it took so long to happen.

"The guy who was text messaging on the clock about how he was going to take down Donald Trump, well now he got fired. Finally, finally, they fired this guy. What took so long? I know some of you are going to be real happy that the guy is out of a job, but I got to tell you, this is a too little, too late for me. This guy needs to lose his pension and he should have been hauled out of FBI Headquarters on national television in arm and leg shackles," Starnes said.

Listen to the whole monologue here: