Brian Kilmeade, "Fox & Friends" cohost and "The Brian Kilmeade Show" host joins the podcast this week.

Kilmeade, who hosts a three hour television show followed by a three hour radio show right after (while also making guest appearances on other Fox News and Fox Business shows), discusses what makes him one of the hardest working people in media.

"It's mislabeled as work," Kilmeade said about working in news.  "I would be the most annoying deli guy or the most annoying Allstate insurance salesperson because this is all I plan on doing, I mean, especially in this climate."

He also revealed what he thinks when critics say Fox News is "Trump T.V." or "State T.V.", saying, "a guest we had on every Tuesday for seven years becomes President of the United States, do you expect us to lose our relationship?  No."  But he continues to say that he has no problem disagreeing with the President and expressing his opinions despite having a relationship with him.

Kilmeade said he doesn't get caught up in the criticism of him and Fox News.  He likens Fox News to the New York Yankees, saying, "People are always going to find fault with us, because regardless of the presidents, we've been lucky enough to be in front all these times."