President Trump's legal team said Wednesday they have responded to Special Counsel Robert Mueller's request for an interview with the president as part of the probe into Russia's interference in the 2016 election. Jay Sekulow, an attorney for the president said:

"We have responded in writing to the latest proposal from the Office of Special Counsel regarding its request to interview the President. It is not appropriate, at this time, to comment publicly about the content of that response."

Rudy Giuliani, another lawyer for Trump, in a statement reiterated calls to end the Russia probe.

"Millions of pages of documents along with testimony from dozens of witnesses have been provided. We're re-stating what we have been saying for months: it is time for the Office of Special Counsel to conclude its inquiry without further delay."

Senior Fellow at National Review Andrew McCarthy joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson to discuss the Mueller investigation and more. 

On NFL anthem policy controversy: I'm not one to just say I'm boycotting this forever because to me that's silly. It's a sport and I do love it. So, it's hard for me to just say I'm never going to watch again, but I've watched a lot less and you could say that's because the Jets are awful, but I'm one of these guys who used to rearrange my life in order to be in front of the t.v. when the game was on that I wanted to see. I don't do that anymore and I imagine there is a lot of people like me and that's not good for the NFL.  (00:45)

On how Rudy Giuliani is doing: The thing that Rudy appreciates, that it seems a lot of people don't, is that the President will never be indited, at least as long as he is president. And I don't think ever because I don't really see a prosecutable case here. This has always been about impeachment from the beginning. Its not a normal case where the lawyer has to that something he says will be used against him in court by the prosecution against his client. So what they are trying to do because impeachment is really political, not legal, is move public opinionYou can say what you want to say about Rudy's technical performance, but I think when he came on board Mueller's approval rating was at 50 and now it's closer to 30. (2:40)

On if it is a healthy strategic for the country for Rudy to attack Mueller: I think it's political rhetoric. It's better to analyze it as political rhetoric than legal commentary. I think in terms of the narrow goal of making sure the president can't be impeached that's the only usefulness of the strategy. In terms of how it is for the country, I don't think it is good for the country. I think ultimately could be bad for the President.  (4:20)

On people questioning integrity of Mueller: Personally, I think Mueller is a person of strong integrity that doesn't mean he doesn't make errors in judgement. I think he's made quite a number of them here. If I were a defense lawyer, while I might not be doing a public relations strategy here, I would very much be engaged in a strategy to discredit the investigation because I do think there were fradulent premises in the beginning of it. (5:40)

On what advice would be on question of sitting down with Mueller: My advice to the President is I don't think this would ever be a good fit because I really agreed with the approach that his first set of lawyers had, which is that they were trying to work with Mueller the way you usually work out an investigation of somebody who is probably not going to be charged, which is that you quietly corporate to the extent that you can and provide them with the information that you're in the position to provide them with, but you protect the prerogatives of the presidency.  (7:27)

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