Martha MacCallum, Fox News Host of The Story, joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson to discuss President Trump and the media. 

On Boston Globe saying all media should fight back against Trump: We have a free press in this country. If the Boston Globe wants to get together and encourage other people to write editorials that's absolutely their right to do that. The president steps across the line when he calls the press the enemy of the people, but we know this about President Trump. We've watched him in action for 30 years.  He feels like many members of the press attack him. So, he attacks them back. To a certain extent though when you back up and look at the big picture it's kind of a sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.  The press has not suffered under this president. If anything it's thriving across the board. (1:20)

On the media saying Trump infringes on free press: The 'hyperventilators,' I call them, kind of make me laugh sometimes because you really have to look at the actual impact. There has been no infringement on the press. Have you found any? Has anyone's right to report or right to write whatever they want been curtailed in this country? No. So, I think the 'hyperventilators' play into his hand.  (3:46)

On if the divide between media networks is harmful: I think it is. I often flip around because I think it is healthy to watch a lot of different input. And I think you don't ever want to be living in a bubble. You want to make sure you get out of that bubble.  (6:10)

On the different between commentators and journalists: As you watch through the day as the opinions grow stronger as you get into the evening and to me I've always looked at it as the editorial page of the newspaper and those of us in the news side of Fox News are in a different section of the newspaper.  And I think that people need to understand that. (9:00)

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