A number of stories have appeared in the news about teachers promoting a left-wing agenda and bullying conservative students. Some believe it may be a worse problem than you think. A teacher in California reportedly kicked a student out of his history class for wearing a T-shirt advertising the National Rifle Association. The school's administration reviewed the shirt in question and found that it didn't violate the Lodi Unified School District's dress code. The school later had to issue an apology to the student.

Todd Starnes opened a recent show by saying the teacher's reaction to the NRA shirt is just another example of the Left forcing their ideals on students in public schools.

"There is no place in a public school classroom for bullies. None whatsoever, especially when the bully is teaching the class. By the way, that school district, they got to keep an eye on that teacher because what happened here is that teacher has turned his class into a left-wing indoctrination center. And he got caught red handed," Starnes said.

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