Missouri's Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill and Republican Attorney General Josh Hawley were projected to easily defeat their primary opponents Tuesday night to set up a key race in the battle for control of the U.S. Senate this November.

McCaskill, who is seeking a third term, received 82 percent of the vote in defeating six other little-known Democrats. Hawley garnered 58 percent of the vote in defeating 10 other Republicans, including one-time Libertarian Party presidential candidate Austin Petersen.

After McCaskill won the primary, she promptly challenged Hawley to four town-hall style debates.

Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley is running for U.S. Senate against the most vulnerable Democrat in the country (according to polling), Claire McCaskill. Hawley joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson to talk about the race. 

On the argument over debates: I'm proposing that we debate the issues so every Missourian can hear and decide for themselves. I've got a trailer hooked up to a truck and I'm towing it all over the state. We've got two podiums on there. We've got some hay bales. We've got AV set up so folks can hear us. I said let's debate now. Let's debate everywhere. Let's debate all the time. We ought to pull this to county courthouses all over the state in rural areas, cities, suburbs you name it. She said back in 2006, which was when she ran for the Senate the first time all those years ago, she said, 'I debate anytime anywhere,' and that's exactly what I think we should do. So, I don't know why she's so reluctant to debate.  (00:38)

On his opponent Claire McCaskill: She owes the people of Missouri a lot of explanations for her terrible record that has sold out this state for her party and sold out the state for the big money. She's hiding. She won't say what she will do on the Supreme Court. She won't even talk about her process for deciding on Judge Kavanaugh who she should be supporting. She won't talk about her terrible record on immigration and healthcare. (2:05)

On the controversy with Missouri governor recently: It was a terrible situation for our state. There's no toeing around it. It's over now. We've got a great governor Mike Parson who is the Republican governor of the state. He's doing a great job.  I think the party is very focused and very united. You could see it in Tuesday's election results. We are very united in beating Claire McCaskill. We had a really high turnout in our primary on Tuesday night, higher than the Democrats. (4:14)

On how he is feeling about the race right now: We feel very good about it and I think you can see it. You can see the real state of the race in behavior of the candidates and in the results on Tuesday night in terms of turnout, but also just look at the campaign. Here we are challenging her to debate at every turn, saying, 'Let's talk about the issues. Let's talk about them everywhere. Let's talk about them everywhere. Let's talk about them all the time.' And you see her avoiding questions, avoiding debating.  (7:40)

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