Controversial Infowars star Alex Jones' removal from Facebook, YouTube, Apple and Spotify over the past 24 hours, prompting even some of the bomb thrower's staunch critics to voice censorship concerns.

Apple removed Jones' podcasts on Sunday and then YouTube and Facebook both declared on Monday that he was violating their terms and policies with his rhetoric. Spotify also removed all episodes of "The Alex Jones Show" from its service. Jones quickly became one of the top trends across social media with critics celebrating that he was pulled from the tech giants and others coming to his defense -- sort of.

Rich Lowry, Editor of National Review, syndicated columnist and a Fox News contributor, joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson to discuss social media banning Alex Jones and his view on Trump 2020. 

On his column, 'Don't Ban Alex Jones': I obviously have no use for Alex Jones. I think he's a poisonous toad, as I say in that column. But I'm a slippery slope guy on these questions. I actually supported it when Mark Zuckerberg said a couple of weeks ago that he wouldn't ban Holocaust deniers from his platform. He just didn't want to get into the business of being an arbitrator of the truth and I think that's the right approach. Now, these are private companies so it's not a violation of the First Amendment for them to ban whoever they like, but they are so pervasive and so important that they really constitute a huge element of the public square. So I think it behooves them to act like the government when it comes to free speech.  (00:40)

On how to strike a balance: I don't think you strike a balance. You try not to strike a balance by having an almost absolute standard. Maybe with the exception that David French outlined maybe what Mark Zuckerberg said in that interview when he talked about Holocaust deniers, which is we'll stop incitement or direct targeting of people.  (3:40)

On considering voting for Trump in 2020:  I would say a couple things. One, the substance has been better than I would have expected and he's been faithful to his coalition much more than I would have expected, which is very important fact on this on judges, on religious liberty and pro-life issues. He's been extremely loyal to social conservative element of his base. Now, his character I have no use for. I wont make any apologies for it. I think it's corrosive. It's bad for the country and bad for the presidency, but the downsides have been fairly limited. He hasn't gone off on Twitter and started a war.  Some of my worst fears have not come to fruit in that area. The left is indeed going off the rails and we will see a democratic party in 2020 that will be arguably more radical than any time in modern American history more hostile to constitutional order, a more sweeping indictment of American society. So, I do think that changes the equity.  I'm not saying I'm there yet, but I can see myself getting there.  (8:43)

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