Democrats recently won some special elections and state races in districts candidate Donald Trump won in 2016, leading some to believe there's going to be a so-called blue wave this fall. But President Trump predicted Wednesday that Republicans could ride a "giant Red Wave" into the November midterm elections - with his help - as he claimed victory for several candidates he endorsed in the latest set of primaries. Todd Starnes discussed the impact Trump voters could have if there is to be a so-called red wave or whether there could be an "enthusiasm gap" in the Republican base.

"What is it going to take to get you out to the polls on Election Day? There is a Fox News poll that I want to talk about to you about. Democrats are quite frankly more excited and more anxious to vote than Republicans are. This is not a CNN poll, this is not a New York Times Poll, this is a Fox News poll. I believe there is an enthusiasm gap. Republicans, conservatives, we have a bad track record, we have a bad history when it comes to midterm elections. And every now and again we need a swift kick in the backside to remind us what's at stake here," Starnes said.

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