After Tuesday's special election President Trump, Balderson and the Republican National Committee all claimed victory for Balderson. However, news organizations are saying the race is too close to call because of provisional and absentee ballots that won't be looked at until Aug. 18.

Executive Editor Of RealClearPolitics Tom Bevan joins Fox News Radio's Guy Benson to discuss Ohio's special election. 

On how concerned GOP should be about Ohio's special election outcome: There are 65 plus districts around the country that are less Republican than this one that Republicans are going to be fighting to hold onto and they simply can't spend 3 and a half million dollars and send in Donald Trump, Mike Pence and Donald Trump Jr. and get the governor to endorse them. They just can't cover that much ground. So they're going to have to reassess now and decide where they want to put up the firewall and in what districts do they want to cut loose and what ones do they want to double down to try and stop them Dem. wave.  It's almost certainly going to be a wave. The question is, 'how big?' (2:19)

On if this now becomes safer for a Republican win in this district in November:  I think it probably edges a little bit in Balderson's direction.  Certainly, he won't have all the money and the backing. So, in that sense it edges away from him. He's not really going to have the power of incumbency because he'll only be in office for 90 days. But, everybody knows that there is an election on November 6th. Not everybody was around for this election. (5:17)

On where Trump should go for House seats: It is complicated and one of the things Republicans have to do, and this is what Balderson was trying to do and other Republicans in more swinging districts than him, they need these rural ex-ubran Republicans to turn out and vote.  At the same time they need some of these more moderate well-educated suburbanized Republicans who voted for Hilary Clinton in November of 2016 and potentially would vote for Democrats this time around. They need some of those folks back. Trump drives those votes away. He drives the rural parts of the state, but he repels some of these suburban candidates. (7:30)

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