Ben Shapiro, Host of the Ben Shapiro Show, Editor in Charge of The, joined Guy Benson to discuss his view on Trump 2020 and more. 

On if you can market old conservative ideas as new in years to come:  I think that is definitely true and I think you're seeing a lot of that happen right now. I think there are a lot of young people who are looking at Trump-ism if this is quote on quote establishment conservatism then what else is there, and that's not a rip on Trump personally that's just an observation on the lack of any guiding eternal and immutable principles to the Trump philosophy. (1:55)

On Trump 2020:  I have to measure the fact that a bunch of things that I thought would happen have already happened and are not going to be cured by avoiding voting for him with the fact that his policies have been overall pretty good and the fact that he's going to be running presumably against a radical Democrat. So, based on the fact that I don't think sitting out the next election cycle actually changes things on the ground in a lot of the ways I was talking about before and the fact that he's governed much more conservative than I thought he was actually going to I'm much more apt to vote for President Trump in 2020 than I was in 2016.  (4:07)

On the good President Trump has done: He's done a lot of really good things in terms of governance. His Middle-Eastern policy I think has been quite great. His regulatory policy has been really good. The tax cuts are really good. The judges have been spectacular.  They're great. I was very skeptical that we were going to get any of them when he was elected because he was so all over the place during the election cycle, but obviously he has governed fairly down the line on all of these major issues. (6:59)

On primary challenge against Trump: I think it would be a major mistake actually. I think trying to primary Trump when his approval rating inside the Republican party is 92% is not only a waste of time it actually is likely to backfire because what it is likely to do is toxify the more conservative agenda attached the primary candidate. (7:30)

On New York Times standing with Sarah Jeong: The New York Times knew this before they hired her.  It's not as though she's been hiding this or this is some big secret.  This is the difference between Sarah Jeong and Roseanne.  (9:47)

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