Racism Fit To Print? The old tweets bubbled up from the depths of the Internet, surfaced by an apparently anonymous user on Twitter. In them, Sarah Jeong, a technology writer recently hired by the New York Times for a prestigious post on its editorial board, spoke sarcastically about white people. "Oh man it's a kind of sick how much joy I get out of being cruel to old white men," she wrote in one. "White people marking up the Internet with their opinions like dogs pissing on fire hydrants," she wrote in another. "#Cancel white people," another. Without evidence that they had any bearing on Jeong's extensive body of work, which includes a book she wrote about harassment online, these statements could have perhaps been unceremoniously dismissed as insignificant. But after conservative media seized on the story on Thursday, they ignited a firestorm of debate. Jonah Goldberg, Senior Editor National Review weighs in.  

All Eyes on Ohio!  Several states will hold primary elections on Aug. 7, including some contests that could prove pivotal in determining which party controls the Senate next year. A tight special U.S. House election also is being held in Ohio on Tuesday as a young Democrat hopes to upset a Republican who has garnered the support of President Trump, Ohio Gov. John Kasich and other party leaders. The Ohio race and others could put Trump's influence to the test. Sean Trende, Senior Elections Analyst for RealClearPolitics talks numbers.

Plus: Chicago will be the site of the Pizza museum....The Benson & Harf crew discuss this mistake.

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