Amid the row over the release of blueprints for 3D-printed guns, a coalition of gun rights activists has posted plans for 3D-printed weapons online, citing the First Amendment.

A federal judge on Tuesday stopped the release of blueprints to make untraceable and undetectable 3D-printed plastic guns. President Donald Trump also questioned whether his administration should have agreed to allow the plans to be posted online.

Senior Policy Advisor at Giffords, David Chipman joined Fox News Radio's Marie Harf to discuss the controversy over 3D-printed guns. 

On the danger of no serial numbers on the guns: We know there a lot of loopholes in the law and so it is quite interesting that if you were to buy a gun and you were to physically remove the serial number it's a federal felony and one of those that is routinely prosecuted. It's considered an extremely serious crime, but the law does allow people that if you were to make a gun in your own home you wouldn't have to put a serial number on the gun. The idea that technology will help people, who aren't gunsmiths or gun hobbyists but potentially criminals who know really nothing about guns to push the button of a 3D-printer and create a gun that if used in crime could not be traced by police would be a game changer.  (2:13)

On public opinion on this issue: I carried a gun for 25 years. I'm a concealed carry owner. I like my Second Amendment right to be able to buy a gun, but I have no problem with any inconvenience like passing a background check or even getting a license for a gun if it helps law enforcement prevent someone who shouldn't have a gun from having it.  (3:48)

On if the guns would be undetectable by TSA and metal detectors: It depends. So the plans don't want to be in violation of the law. So the plans to my understanding have allowed for there to be a space in the gun where you would put a metal part so that it would comply with law, but also you could just take out that part.  (7:34)

On what legislation could work to address this: I think what makes the most sense is that we should not allow Americans to produce guns that cannot be traced. That just makes common sense to me.  (10:15)

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