This week Republican National Committee Spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany comes on the show.

McEnany discusses President Trump's successes, the change of establishment politics, and what it's like being the young, female face of the Republican Party.

She says what makes President Trump great are the stories the media doesn't cover, like when President Trump personally wrote a mother whose son was killed by an illegal immigrant.

McEnany says the career politicians who makeup establishment politics, "Spend time in the swamp, and as years go by, they spend less time in their districts, less time at the town halls, more time in the swamp."  She believes the large group of silent young conservatives will be a major voting force this fall and can vote out many establishment politicians.

McEnany also thinks being a young, female face of the RNC is important because millennials are underrepresented in Congress and it is important for the Republican party to recognize the problem and try to address it by having a young person as their spokesperson.  It shows that the Republican party, "Isn't the party of 'old men' - as some say - we're the party of new faces, young faces, and female faces."