Los Angeles prosecutors declined to pursue sexual abuse claims against high-powered CBS CEO Les Moonves because the statute of limitations has expired, according to documents Fox News obtained Tuesday.

An unidentified woman - known as Jane Doe in the documents -- notified police in February regarding three incidents involving Moonves, with one allegedly occurring in 1986 and the other two allegedly occurring on the same day in 1988, NBC News first reported.

Host of FNC's "MediaBuzz" Howard Kurtz joined Fox News Radio's Marie Harf to discuss the allegations against CBS CEO, Les Moonves, and what is happening in the media today. 

On what is happening at CBS News: There have been some talks that perhaps the CBS board would have asked Les Moonves to temporarily step aside in the weight of these chilling accusations, which I'll get to in a moment. That didn't happen. He runs the company. There's zero doubt in my mind that if these same allegations were published against anybody below the level of chairman of company the person would at least be suspended, probably be gone. Look what happened to Charlie Rose last November. He was fired in about 12 seconds. (1:49)

On Colbert calling for accountability: He didn't have to say anything about this. He's a late night comic basically.  But, what he said, and I don't have the exact words in front of me, but this is pretty close, he said everybody wants accountability until its your guy. He said look Les Moonves is my guy. He hired me for this job. He stuck with me while we struggled early.  He stood behind me when people were mad at me for various things, and yet he said that accountability means nothing unless it means accountability for everybody. (4:08)

On what he thinks will happen next at CBS: The independent directors are saying they're going to hire a new law firm and do a new investigation just about this. Will that lead to Moonves leaving the company? It's hard for me to see him surviving this, on the other hand he's powerful. (6:19)

On this issue not belonging to one party or group: That is absolutely true because for about a year it was a Fox problem, but then it became a CBS problem and an NBC problem and actually a New York Times problem. Same thing in politics. People obviously talk about President Trump and Access Hollywood tape and women making these allegations like Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal and then remember that Al Franken resigned and John Conyers resigned under pressure because of incidents that came to light. (10:11)

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