Danny O'Connor is running for U.S. Congress in Ohio's 12th district against Republican Ohio State Sen. Troy Balderson.  The race in Ohio is the only special election in the nation before the November midterm elections following the resignation of Rep. Pat Tiberi.

Democratic candidate Danny O'Connor joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to discuss the upcoming election. 

On how he sees the state of the race: I think we're in a great position to win and to deliver some representation to Washington that fights for working people. Working folks have been left behind for far too long. (1:36)

On House Democrats forming a single-payer healthcare caucus: I think that all the labels can emerge and I think people can have ideas of what they're going to do. I'll worry about what I do and what caucuses I join when we win.  Right now I'm just focused on making sure that we protect access to healthcare because that's something that's important to folks. (2:31)

On women switching from supporting Republicans to Democrats: One thing that's consistent here is folks are looking for solutions. I'm lucky to be engaged to a lifelong Republican, who since she's voted for me in the primary now identifies as a "Dannycrat," and I think there's a lot of folks like her who want someone in Washington who is committed to getting things done but someone who is not going to beholden to the problems of the past, but is going to look to solve the issues in the future.  (4:28)

On the Second Amendment: The Second Amendment is a part of our Constitution and it's here to stay and I support it... I think we need to have some type of common sense on this issue. I don't think that folks that commit domestic violence crimes or have mental health issues should have access to firearms. I don't think folks who are on the no fly list who are terrorists should have access to firearms.  (6:35)

On how he will not support Nancy Pelosi as leader: We need a change in leadership on both sides of the aisle. (8:09)

On reforms on entitlements: I don't call them entitlements to start. I refer to them as earned benefits because they're things that folks work for and when you spend 40 years working hard, 35 years working hard, 45 years working hard paying into social security and medicare it's part of a social contract and you deserve to get what you've paid for. (8:55)

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