Russian Redux! The White House sought Thursday to tamp down another firestorm that broke out in the wake of President Trump's summit with Vladimir Putin, making clear the president does not support the Russian leader's proposal to allow his government to interview American officials.  "It is a proposal that was made in sincerity by President Putin, but President Trump disagrees with it," Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said in a brief statement on Thursday afternoon. The statement came as the administration faced mounting backlash for even entertaining Putin's proposal, which pertained to the Robert Mueller probe. Plus: Bill Browder, an American businessman and critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, said he was outraged by the prospect that the Trump administration would possibly allow him to be questioned by Russian agents over a case stemming back to 2005. Guy & AB Discuss. Plus: Katie Pavlich -- News editor at and Fox news Contributor weighs in.  

Why Can't We Be Friends? Liberal actor Mark Duplass issued an apology to his fans on Thursday after sending them into a lather by calling conservative pundit Ben Shapiro a "genuine person" with good intentions. In a now-deleted tweet, Duplass encouraged "fellow liberals" to follow Shapiro if they are interested in hearing perspective from the other side of the political aisle. Instead of listening to the actor's advice, fans were outraged that he suggested leaving the liberalecho chamber. As a result, Duplass deleted the tweet and replaced it with an apology. Ben Shapiro joins the show to talk about the sudden change of heart.

Plus: Scott Braun, host and reporter appearing across MLB Network's programming talks baseball.

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