President Trump said Tuesday that he misspoke when he seemed to dismiss allegations of Russian meddling in the 2016 elections, stating clearly that he accepts the U.S. intelligence community's conclusions as he sought to quell a bipartisan firestorm over his press conference with Vladimir Putin.

The president clarified his remarks during a meeting with lawmakers at the White House, in a rare backtrack.

Fox News Senior Producer for Capitol Hill Chad Pergram joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson to discuss President Trump's 

On what he is hearing from lawmakers after President Trump's "do-over" Tuesday: Mark Warner is the co-chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee. He's the Democratic senator from Virginia. And he said quote "I don't accept the President's comments today. If he wanted to make these comments he should have had the strength to make them in front of Vladimir Putin in Hilsinke.'  (1:35)

On the translator being at the meeting between Trump and Putin: If that person is an American official routinely they call people to appear at hearings. Routinely they subpoena people to appear at hearings. No where in the Constitution does it say there is this carve out for translators. (3:36)

On if the do-over lowered the backlash from Republicans: Not really yet because Republicans are probably happy that there was the Mulligan taken and that maybe even if it was a fig leaf that they can move onto other things, but you know they were put on the defensive here. (5:45)

On immigration bill in the House: Well here's what they're going from. They're going from a negative, meaning not voting on a resolution to abolish ICE a Democratic resolution, that's not unheard of here on Capitol Hill where they other side will call the other side's bluff. And say look you have such a crazy idea out here let's put it to the floor and then we will have documented a vote which we can turn around on Democrats who have seats that are at play this fall. (8:59)

On what Democrats are going to do on the positive bill supporting ICE: Well, Steny Hoyer, the Minorty Whip, was asked whether or not they would whip that vote on ICE one way or another, meaning persuade numbers to vote one way or another, and he said quote 'We're talking about it.' (12:15)

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