In Helsinki, Trump had said he doesn't "see any reason why" Russia would be behind election meddling. This and other comments led to bipartisan outrage and accusations that he was taking Putin's word over the intelligence community's.  But Trump said Tuesday he meant the opposite. He suggested he was surprised by the negative reaction when he returned to Washington.

"I came back and said 'What is going on, what's the big deal?'" Trump said, adding that he reviewed the transcript and "realized that there is a need for some clarification."

The president told reporters that he meant to say he doesn't see why Russia "wouldn't" be responsible.

Congresswoman Suzan DelBene joined Fox News Radio's Marie Harf to discuss President Trump's comments at the press conference with Putin Monday and his reversal Tuesday. 

On legislative she introduced to help people affected by tariffs: Well you know we've had legislation for a long time in our program, called Trade Adjustment Assistance to help folks who have lost their jobs due to trade and these tariffs have caused job losses and potentially there will be more job losses to folks who are working right here in the U.S. and we want to make sure they're eligible for assistance, as well. So, my legislation would make that happen. (00:18)

On if she is hearing from constituent's that tariffs are affecting them: Absolutely. I represent part of Washington state. Washington state is the most trade dependent state in the country. 40% of our jobs are tied to trade and this is a critically important issue and when you look of the lack of a plan from this administration the uncertainty this has caused and now the tariffs have had a big impact in a lot of different sectors. (1:22)

On President Trump's comments Monday at press conference: I think that the President's actions in Helsinke were an embarrassment to the United States but also his actions undermine our democracy. hes undermining our rule of law, a rule of law that really separate us from other countries like Russia. Now we are seeing him try to take back part of it by changing a word. It's really insulting that he thinks one word can change what he did yesterday. He openly decided to embrace Vladimir Putin.  (2:52)

On what Congress can do to push back on the president's relationship with Russia: First, I think we can continue to make sure that we protect the integrity of the special counsel's investigation of the Mueller investigation and we have legislation that will do that just to make sure that the president does not take any action that would jeopardize that investigation, especially given his comments. (4:14)

On if she's heard enough pushback from Republican colleagues: Folks should speak up because w'ere Americans first and this should not be a partisan issue. There should be strong voice from all members of congress saying that this absolutely goes against our values. (5:25)

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