Legislation introduced by Rep. Diane Black, (R-TN), Tuesday would make illegal entry into the U.S. a felony offense, something she said would act as a "disincentive" to people who are thinking of crossing the border. Dubbed the "Zero Tolerance for Illegal Entry Act," Black's bill would also mandate employers use the E-Verify system to ensure employees are in the country legally and allowed to work in the U.S.

Todd Starnes spoke with Rep. Black about why her bill increases the penalty to a felony.

"We thought one of the really good ways to discourage people is to increase the penalty, and we've increased it to a felony. Now here's the important thing about that, if later on you were to try to come to this country legally if you have a felony on your record it disqualifies you. You cannot get a green card," Rep. Black said.

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