Sen. Claire McCaskill is seeking a third Senate term and is facing Republican Josh Hawley, Missouri's attorney general, in a race that is closely watched as the GOP tries holding onto a Senate majority.

Trump won Missouri by 18 percentage points in the 2016 presidential election over his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton. McCaskill defeated Republican Todd Akin by 15 percentage points to win re-election to the Senate in 2012.

Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to discuss the Senate race. 

On concerns his heart is not in the Senate race: That's all nonsense. I mean that's just typical D.C. fake news. The truth here is that we are in this race to win it and we are going to win.  Polls show us beating Senator McCaskill despite the fact that she has spent over 8 million dollars so far in this race. She has Chuck Shumer trying to take me down and it won't work at all and the reason is because she is totally out of step from the voters in Missouri and she's a world class phony, which is why we're going to beat her come November. (00:55)

On how he thinks the Supreme Court should handle women's health issues: The court shouldn't do anything in terms of making policy on any of those issues. This is the fundamental divide that we have here between a constitutional view of the Supreme Court and a liberal activist view. Judges aren't policy makers. They shouldn't be making decisions. The voters of this nation should be making those decisions on policy and these issues ought to be left up to them. (4:15)

On if he would vote for Kavanaugh: I absolutely would be and I think he absolutely will be.  I think he is a dedicated constitutionalist. He has almost 300 opinions as a lower court judge.  He has been affirmed or endorsed by the Supreme Court a record 11 times, which is really something quite remarkable.  (6:43)

On Trump's rhetoric: I can't speak for the president or certainly for anyone else, but just speaking for myself I will say this that I'm glad the president wants to shake things up. I'm glad for instance today he talked tough with our European allies and challenged them to do their part to support the alliance. Has been challenging other allies to do their part for instance to give a fair deal to American farmers.  I'm glad hes taking on china and holding them accountable for their trade cheating. So, look I know people have different views on the president's style. A lot of people don't like it, but it is what it is. I will just say I think his policies are the right ones. (7:49)

On Trump's tariffs: You know I think the president is doing the right thing to try to take on China. Hold them accountable those who are cheating.  You know, let's be honest China has built their middle class on the backs of our middle class. (9:16)

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