President Trump's nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to replace retiring Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy has set the stage for a bruising confirmation battle, as Senate Democrats and liberal groups vowed to resist what could be a dramatic and long-lasting rightward shift on the Supreme Court.

Ron Bonjean, former congressional GOP staffer who worked on last year's high court confirmation of Justice Neil Gorsuch, joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to discuss the confirmation process of Supreme Court Justices. 

On what the next days and weeks look like: This has been a lot of fun to watch now the second time around. because I really feel like the rollout they did last night was flawlessly executed. I was really impressed with it. I was really impressed with the narrative they established of him of his judicial background as well as being a solid family man. I thought that was super helpful.  The race is on to define who Judge Kavanaugh is.  (1:22)

On how hostile it gets in closed door meetings: You know, whats really interesting with this whole thing it's sort of a slow burn. right now Judge Kavanaugh will be meeting with top Republicans in order to get sort of just get friendly interviews and to also get him used to that flow of how this is gonna go and the next step will obviously be to meet with Democrats. And with Justice Gorsuch clearly he met with a lot of them, but I will say that with Kamala Harris it's pretty interesting because we had a tough time scheduling with several Democrats at first who kind of just didn't have the time to meet with us. (4:21)

On if Democrats should delay this or get it over with: Voter intensity is strong with Republicans on this issue. It would be very wise for Democrats to get this out of the way as fast as they could make it. Make their points and get it out of way. The more they drag this out, it's gonna be hard for them to do, but the more this drags out the worse this gets. (7:00)

On if he thinks this will easily have Republican support: I think that when Donald Trump narrowed it down to the four nominees and one of them was viewed more as a lightning rod, regarding her pro-life stance, so to speak, and the concerns by Senator Collins and Murkowski regarding the issue of Roe v. Wade and then the response we've seen all seen the video of Kavanaugh being interviewed for his Court of Appeals position by Chuck Shumer.  I think all of that has helped with these moderate senators. It feels a lot less extreme than what they could of had. (8:38)

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