Less than a day after President Trump announced Judge Brett Kavanaugh as his choice to fill the vacancy left by Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court, Todd Starnes spoke with Alan Dershowitz, Harvard Law Professor and author of The Case Against Impeaching Trump, about why Judge Amy Coney Barrett was not selected.

"I don't think the President decided not to pick Barrett, I think he decided to not to pick her for this vacancy. I think he anticipates several vacancies. If Ruth Bader Ginsberg leaves, he might pick her then. The American people have to know one thing that distinguishes these two. I think that, very likely, Kavanaugh will cut back on Roe Vs. Wade. I think he thinks it was wrongly decided, that it should be left to the states. Barrett may have a very different view. She believes that there is a right to life that the fetus is an innocent citizen of this country. And basically, maybe she believes, that states don't even have a right to permit abortion. Most Americans won't support that," Dershowitz said.

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