Rescuers in Thailand on Monday freed four more members of the boys soccer team stranded in a flooded cave complex, as part of the second phase of a desperate rescue operation that aims to save four more kids and the team's coach before heavy rains imperil the effort.

West Coast Correspondent for Fox News Channel Jeff Paul is in Thailand following the story.  He joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to discuss what he's seen. 

On being in Thailand for this story: It was a pretty amazing incredible thing to see in person, these helicopters show up to the hospital today. We witnessed four ambulances taking these kids to the hospital and you could just fee;l a sense of relief. (1:04)

On the kids journey to escape: They not only coach these kids up, you got to understand part of this is mental. You've been in a cave for more than two weeks.  Haven't had a solid meal and then you have to do something you've never done before. You have to scuba dive. You have to rock climb. You have to hike. It's incredible. It's amazing to see the international camaraderie. (1:31)

On how they got trapped in the: The cave flooded and we're in monsoon season, and so in sort of a moments notice the rain can just come down in buckets.  (3:46)

On the condition of the kids that have escaped: I mean just the facts alone these kids gotta be tough. To not only last a couple days, but to last ten days without anyone coming. It took ten days for them to find them. To last that long these kids have just got to be tough. So I'm sure they're going to have some issues no doubt. I don't know who wouldn't but this is a special group of kids.  (5:28)

On how they are getting the children to survive the journey out: One part is how strong these kids are and another part is the rescue crews being able to get them into that mental focus to get out of there.  They're incredible people these emergency responders.  (7:25)

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